Around the Medicine Wheel with Jim Frank

—Don’t we all want a map with a big arrow that says, “You are here!”

The Medicine Wheel – an Overview

| April 11, 2016

The Medicine Wheel teaches me about the natural world in its transitions. The Medicine Wheel is the basis of all ritual, doing ritual aligns one to the life’s natural transitions. Life itself sets up a process: 1) We think we have an experience (exteroception and interoception combine to gives us a perceptual reality) 2) We […]


| March 31, 2009

HeyO, I am finally starting a blog.  I have a lot to say, I have been described as “opinionated but loveable” so you know that some of my ideas have been noticeably my own and not always shared by those around me.  What I post here needs to be read with an open mind. This […]