Around the Medicine Wheel with Jim Frank

—Don’t we all want a map with a big arrow that says, “You are here!”

The 2011 Long Dance

| June 11, 2011

The 2011 Long Dance at Bird Song Peace Chamber was last weekend, June 4/5, and I have struggled to write about it. I am reminded of the saying, ‘talking about silence is talking’ and writing about dancing is writing. I know I can’t do justice to the dance itself but here are some thought on […]

a meditation on finding four-leafed clover

| December 2, 2009

On Monday, October 26, 2009, about 5:30 PM, I found a four-leafed clover on the lawn beside the flag stone path, just a short distance from the patio. It displayed itself about six feet away; it was standing up by itself as proud as could be. I had been looking for it all summer and […]

A morning walk

| November 24, 2009

Before the Eastern sky has warmed with even the slightest hint of a new day, I go to the woods to walk.  In the heaviness of the dark I feel a comfort, a being held, swaddled in the weight of the cold and damp air along the noisy creek.  The early winter wind has blown […]

Foxhole Prayers

| November 4, 2009

I recently was asked this question:  During the Medicine Wheel workshop you said foxhole prayers were good. O.K. How do I get away with praying for that when it’s God’s will anyway? “God, I don’t want my business anymore. Please take it away” and then follow it with “but your will, not mine be done”. […]

Meditation :part 2 of 3 entries on Spirtual Practice

| August 7, 2009

My daily spiritual practice consists of prayer, meditation and self-examination. This is the East, South, and West of a medicine wheel which has the blessing of balance in the North. Each morning I give myself an hour of spiritual practice when I rise. I have found that starting my day this way works best. I […]

Prayer as part of my wheel of spiritual practice.

| July 20, 2009

The Medicine Wheel has wheels within wheels and one of these is my wheel of spiritual practice. I try to live a life based on a practice of prayer, meditation and self-examination, an East, South and West which gives me a North of balance. In the Wheel of the 12 Steps this wheel is found […]