Medicine Wheel Workshop March 7, 2016

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Subject: Medicine Wheel Workshop March 7, 2016
Date: February 24th 2016

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HeyO, this email is to announce that I will once again be giving the workshop,  The Medicine Wheel Wisdom and the 12 Steps: a workshop on six consecutive Monday evenings beginning March 7, 2016. Besides all the things I write about this course in other places, another thing that is important to you is that it will provide a context to understand the sweat lodge ceremony. The sweat lodge ceremony is a ritual of transformation that depends on the Medicine Wheel for its ritual arc. Understanding the many metaphors that overlay the wheel will enrich the sweat lodge for you.  Every aspect of life comes to be seen as transformational ritual. This learning is a two way street; as we learn more about life on the wheel, we learn more about the wheel in our life.  This is very apparent when viewing the 12 steps from the wheel, and viewing the wheel from the 12 steps. More info at: To reserve, go to::

 If you wanted to come to the sweat lodge and have never been here before, go to, read the Q&A linked from the Sweat Lodge page, and introduce yourself via the online form. Of course, if you have been here for a sweat lodge, just write to me and I'll get you on the list.

 Thanks for supporting my work by reading this email.  You can pass it on to others that may be interested.

 Peace, -jimf

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